SSE Renewables – identify problems to improve performance

Reliable renewable generation is essential for a low carbon future. Equipment that performs poorly can significantly decrease yields. But spotting and fixing problems early improves efficiencies and investment returns.

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SSE maintains a diverse portfolio of thermal and renewable generation plants. It is moving towards a lower carbon generation mix with a greater focus on renewables.

The company’s Generation division operates, manages and maintains all its generation assets. This includes significant renewable energy capacity across the UK and Ireland.

It must ensure the assets are safe, reliable, efficient and available when needed. This is particularly important for renewables, which must exploit frequently changing conditions.

At present, small specialist teams apply these manually to batches of historically gathered data. But SSE wants to make better use of this expertise. It is looking for ways to efficiently share this information with key stakeholders across the company.

It wishes to introduce Cloud computing technology to run its calculations automatically. It plans to evaluate their accuracy and, once satisfied, share the live asset performance information with stakeholders.

“Lumen is an extremely powerful tool. It allows us the flexibility to implement a range of analytics to visualise turbines with issues. It then lets us immediately drill into the underlying data, all within a single platform.”

John Twiddle, Senior Engineer (Equipment Performance)

Bellrock Technology is helping SSE improve support for its operational decision makers. We are deploying its wind turbine performance calculations to run live on new data. These will provide regular metrics on efficiency, deterioration and turbine similarity.

It is believed that the information will help SSE to detect problems and take action sooner. It will support the company to prioritise its worst performing turbines and repair them. This will help to avoid sustained losses and is expected to significantly improve outputs and earnings.

The calculations are run on Lumen®. This is our AI powered platform for building analytical Software as a Service applications. It lets companies evaluate and adopt advanced analytics with less upfront investment and risk.

Lumen® has converted SSE’s manual calculations into always-on, cloud-based analytics. It makes their results readily available via the browser on all modern devices.

SSE can now share the knowledge of its experts across a much wider group of stakeholders. This is expected to significantly improve fleet management, risk and performance.

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