Building apps on Lumen

The widgets and visualisations you have created can now be brought together in a simple drag and drop application to allow the easy sharing of results with your users.

Starting your app

To do this, select the “Apps” option from the top navigation menu.

To create new app, select “+” from the top right-hand corner.

This will open up a canvas to allow widgets to be dragged and dropped to form new apps.

Lumen apps

Start by entering a name and description for the soon to be created app.

The available charts and data grids in the system will appear in a panel down the right hand side of the page. Drag the desired icons across on to the main space to create a new graphical component.

Lumen apps


By default, all charts dropped on to the canvas will be displayed as new columns. To alter this, simply hover over the desired graph, and in the bottom right-hand corner a selection of dots should appear. Use the mouse to select this, and drag it across the screen to push other graphical components down to the next level.

Lumen apps

This will create a second row on the canvas. The bottom component can then be moved around by hovering over its outline, and dragging it to the correct location.

To expand a component, hover over it to display the corner dots, and drag these to the side to fill the screen as desired.

Lumen apps

Publishing your app

Once the graph looks as desired, select the save button to store the configuration and exit the editor.

This app can continue to be edited by selecting it in the apps grid and selecting the pencil icon. Alternatively highlighting it and selecting the trash can will delete it.

Finally if the user is satisfied they can select the “Publish” check box beside the app to make it available to other users. The App will then appear on the main Lumen landing page, and users can access it and view the results.