Editing an analytic on Lumen

Sometimes a deployed analytic may be required to be updated. This could be a change the analytic itself to update its functionality or fix an error, or it could be to change the inputs and outputs in Lumen to ensure it is connecting to the correct data sources. Lumen makes this easy to do.

Disabling a live analytic

To edit an analytic, it first needs to be disabled. This ensures all executions have completed and prevents any new ones from starting before any changes are made.

To disable an analytic, click once on the desired component to open up the control menu. Select the icon displaying the up/down arrows switch this analytic off. This may take a few seconds as the queues are cleared and any executions are completed.

A message will appear to confirm disabling the analytic, select yes to continue.

The analytic will now appear as transparent. This indicates it is no longer running.

Click once more on the component to bring up the control menu. This will now have an additional icon displaying a pencil, click this to move to the edit screen.

The editing process

Editing an analytic will open up a workflow process similar to that of onboarding.

To change the analytic, under the “Upload Analytic File” section the user can click on “Select File” and upload a new zip file. This will replace the previous files, and therefore should contain all the code, as well and any required dependencies and the requirements.txt.

By clicking on “Define Inputs” or “Define Outputs” the user can add new inputs and outputs to the analytic, or change the tags associated with each to better fit the desired data.

Clicking on “Define Run Conditions” allows the user to update how the analytic executes.

Finally, selecting “Preview will show any changes to the analytics’ connections, and allow the user to ensure that it has integrated with the correct components in the system.

If the user is satisfied with the changes, from the preview they can select “Finish” and the changes will be published. If the changes were successful, they will be brought to a screen notifying them of the update and they can return to the main view.

If the user leaves the editing screen at any time their changes will be saved, and their analytic will remain disabled. From the main component view the user can then click once on the analytic to bring up the control menu and either enable the analytic or resume editing it.