Discover the power of Lumen

Lumen is the data science deployment platform

Improve your productivity

Lumen has a range of automation features to reduce the time to deploy.

Move models into production

Increase the percentage of models making it into production.

Build AI powered apps

Deploy your models and start generating results instantly.

Deploy your models

Lumen is designed to be used once you have your data science model. Any data science model.  During the model onboarding process;

  • Lumen wraps your analytic in a secure container and deploys it to the platform.
  • Lumen integrates your model with the data available to start running straight away. 
  • Significantly reduce the time to deploy models, with no need to code or develop any additional instructions, Lumen does it for you.
  • Lumen allows you to run multiple, interconnected data models, even if they are all built in different languages and design approaches.

Building data pipelines

Lumen offers a simple user interface and the ability to connect to any source of business data. Data from across your organisation can be automatically fed to Lumen to generate real business insight.

  • Once your data sources are onboarded a simple tagging procedure is required to identify the data types available to start building data pipelines.
  •  Lumen’s AI kicks in to automatically build data pipelines. The models require data to run and Lumen will continually check for the required fields across all of the data available on the platform.
  • With Lumen it is easy to build complex data pipelines with multiple models working together to generate the end result. Once the data is connected, Lumen connects the dots.

Outputs and results

Getting insights from your data science models is a critical step in any data science project. Lumen comes equipped with built-in visualisation capability and also provides results via an API to provide a complete range of visualisation options.

  • Lumen has built-in visualisation and dashboard capability. Allowing you to create a range of charts and tables
  • A results API is provided to allow you to analyse the results in your visualisation program of choice.
  • Lumen also provides a notification service. You can define parameters for your results and anything that meets this criteria will generate an instant notification. This allows you to react quickly to results that require action.

Whether you want to push the results straight to a visualisation tool or back into your organisation’s systems and data warehouse, Lumen has you covered.

Power BI

Additional features

  • Governance – Lumen provides a full audit trail for data inputs, outputs and model versioning so that you have 100%  auditability
  • Role based security – customise the access each of your users has in the platform to ensure data security and model integrity
  • A/B testing – connect multiple models to your data sources and easily send your results to a comparison tools to identify your best performing models.
  • Model training and retraining –  Once you have created your data sources you can upload multiple versions of the same model and easily compare the results and upload new versions.