In this webinar, Bellrock Technology Product Manager, Dr. David Bell, discusses how to overcome the challenges of data science deployment.

With 4 out 5 data science projects failing to make it into production, deployment is a key issue for the industry and will be a key area to generate ROI and unlock future investments across pretty much every market sector.

Spoiler alert! Deploying data science is hard.
Organisations have data siloed across a wide range of sources with a varied range of quality and accessibility. The models created are increasingly complex and written in languages that are unknown to many IT professionals (who have their day to day challenges). Then, to compound the pain, business users have exceptionally high levels of expectations for strong visualisations and real time insights delivered to their platforms of choice.

It is little wonder that Data Scientists end up spending most of their time piecing all of this together rather than doing what they are good at, building models for your organisation.

During this session David will discuss:
• Why is Data Science deployment so hard
• Expectations vs reality
• Overcoming the 5 main challenges
• What could a solution look like


13th May