About Bellrock Technology

Bellrock Technology develops Lumen®, the world’s most advanced deployment platform for predictive analytics. With it, we can help you to use your data to improve vital business decisions faster than ever before.

Our Mission

Bellrock Technology exists because even as technologies such as machine learning, data analytics and cloud computing have advanced, the task of delivering data science insights to business users has remained extremely challenging and time consuming.

Bellrock Technology is named after the Bell Rock Lighthouse,an inspirational story of Scottish innovation and engineering that was thought to be impossible to build. Despite this, the lighthouse recently passed its 200th anniversary without a single stone ever having had to be replaced.

When we first devised Lumen, lots of people told us it would be impossible to build. But we like a challenge. And so, Bellrock Technology was born.

Bellrock Technology is here to help you become data driven.


To revolutionise and dramatically simplify the deployment of data science models within business applications


To help industry leaders and firms utilise their data better to achieve or exceed their own goals.


To accelerate industry understanding of data science and support adoption across a wide range of enterprises.


To push boundaries and apply our understanding and expertise to other fields of interest and opportunity.

Leadership and Management Team

Steve Langmeid

Steve Langmead

Adam Brown
CEO and Cofounder

Professor Stephen McArthur
CTO and Cofounder

Dave McConachie

Dave McConachie

Hugh Lennie

Board member

Steven Morris
Non-exec director

David Bell

David Bell
Product Manager

Ian Spence

Ian Spence
Delivery Manager


Robyn Anderson
Key account manager

Luaren Lamond

Lauren Lamond
Operations Manager


Joanna Kucieba
Lead Analyst


Ryan Chatham
Marketing Manager