About us

About us

Bellrock Technology is an award-winning company who help organisations become data driven. With Lumen®, we can help you use your data to make vital business decisions faster than ever before.

Our Story

We know how difficult it is for businesses to get value from their data to make vital business decisions. So in 2012, we created Lumen® to make this easier and faster for us, our clients and our partners.

A decade on from spinning-out of the University of Strathclyde, where our founders developed Lumen® to solve problems for our industry partners, Lumen® is generating huge returns from data across many industries for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Named after the 19th century Bell Rock Lighthouse, the world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse, that many told its creator engineer Robert Stevenson he couldn’t build. We were also told what we wanted to achieve couldn’t be done, but we wanted to emulate Stevenson’s success of overcoming the seemingly impossible.

Our great team of people work with you to accelerate your data journey. Our team includes experienced commercial leaders, skilled software professionals and PhD-level data practitioners. Our subject-matter experts are experienced builders of industry-focused data products and are here to help you.

Bellrock Technology is making analytics more accessible to businesses and organisations throughout every sector of the economy both domestically and across the world.

About Lumen

Lumen® is the fast and easy way for your business decision makers to access real-time analytics created by data experts.

With Lumen® you have a patented cloud application that uses AI to fully automate the building of data products. Data products are defined as any combination of the data, the analytic and the visualisation which when put together delivers an insight to your business.

Lumen® shortens the process of building data products from months to minutes and can reduce costs by an order of magnitude. As a result, you can exploit more of your data faster and with less risk than ever before.

Lumen® is delivered as a cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Your business decision makers can access the insights they need through Lumen®, or, connect Lumen® to your own data visualisation tools.

With Lumen® you can scale up at speed, adding analytics and data in minutes to make your data work harder for you.

Why you should work with us

Faster insights

Start using your data to improve your performance today

Cost effective

Get the power of a 24/7 software team for less than the price of a regular developer

Get more impact

Trust that solutions can be delivered to decision makers at pace and at scale, every time

Supporting our Community

Boroughmuir Youth Rugby Academy

Bellrock Technology has committed its support for Boroughmuir Youth Rugby Academy to help the club continue to develop its hugely successful programme.

The Boroughmuir Rugby Academy coaches and supports over 350 young people, aged from 5 to 18, every week. In addition to these 350 young players, the Academy actively supports over 1,000 young people across three high schools and 14 primary schools. The Academy really believes in making rugby inclusive to all, and to back this up they fund a player bursary programme to ensure cost is never a barrier to playing.

Read more about the Youth Academy

Boroughmuir Bears Rugby Team

Boroughmuir’s ethos of developing the next generation through inclusive participation in sport coupled with a real focus on giving back to the local community was the reason Bellrock Technology invested in the Youth Rugby Academy.

We are now excited to deepen our relationship with Boroughmuir by extending this to the Bears and we look forward to cheering them on.

Read more about the Bears
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