How we help

How we help

Bellrock Technology is here to support you on your data journey.

We understand that it takes more than just an investment in technology to help you deliver a successful data strategy within your organisation.

That is why we have designed a range of products and services to support you along the way.

Bellrock Technology’s subject-matter experts are experienced builders of industry-focused data products and are ready to get you started and support you throughout your data journey.

Strategy & Roadmapping

During our guided Strategy & Roadmapping meeting we will evaluate the immediate impact that Lumen® could make to your organisation. Together, we will look at your key business challenges, your data science outputs and plans, your skill sets, your infrastructure and your data sources to help determine your best next steps with Lumen®. We can leverage all of our industry experience and expertise to help you develop a roadmap to success with your data and will estimate the returns you can expect by working with us.

Fast Start Support

Working together, we create your first data product in 10 days or less. Let us show you how easy it is to deliver your models, running with your data, to your business decision makers. At the end, we will have a working solution producing real insights and business benefits.

Custom Applications

Lumen® makes it easy to configure and release your own data science applications using a range of visualisation and notification options. But if you have bespoke requirements, we can design and build custom applications that meet your needs. We have in-house data science experts that can build models to your requirements using the latest machine learning, knowledge-based and statistical data analysis techniques.

Lumen Training

We provide training for all your users of Lumen® as part of our customer onboarding process. As you scale your teams, you may need a refresher session. Alongside our online resources, we offer tailored training packages to suit your needs.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success model has you covered whether you want regular guidance from us or you are confident to run on your own.  Through regular check-ins, data audits and strategy sessions we’ll help you scale up the use of your data and automate supply of valuable insights to the parts of your organisation that need it most.

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