Challenges within your sector

Fragmented legacy and growing volumes of data is a massive challenge in the Healthcare sector. As patients demand trust, privacy and security of their personal details, it is imperative this is maintained by the respective healthcare provider.  Bellrock Technology is working with Healthcare providers to deliver new innovative ways of working using data as the core to drive decision making, more efficient ways of working and advancement in medicine management.

How we work together

Accelerate your data journey, in three simple steps.

Step 1: Understand

Together, we will look at your key business challenges, then explore and understand how your data can provide insights that help. We outline our commercial model and pricing structure upfront. We also estimate the returns you can expect by working with us.

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Step 2: Prove

Working together, we create your first data product in 10 days or less. Not a proof of concept, not a prototype. A working solution producing real insights and business benefits. Jointly, we determine the solution’s value and your case for continued investment.

Our fast start process

Step 3: Scale

We help to explore wider opportunities for improved performance across your business. We offer hands-on support to expand your data products and create new ones. We also train you to use Lumen® for yourself, giving you full ownership of your data journey.

Services to support you

Time For You Care

Time For You (TfY) Care is an innovative care provider who recognises that the main barrier to solving the UK’s hospital bed blocking crisis is the lack of available people willing to be home carers. To change this, TfY Care is paying carers 20% more than the industry norm but charging the end customer no more. They achieve this by using data to run a highly efficient business.

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