CEO at the Advanced Nuclear Research Centre (ANRC), Mark Gayfer talks about collaboration with Bellrock Technology

“Once people see the value that can be drawn from research and analytics, that is enabled by approaches like Bellrock Technology’s, you end up in that virtuous cycle of investment, benefit and value.” – Mark Gayfer, CEO at ANRC 

Bellrock Technology is collaborating with the Advanced Nuclear Research Centre (ANRC) at the University of Strathclyde to ensure that AI and analytics research is translated into industry and business benefit. This collaboration, and use of Lumen, has allowed multiple algorithms and research findings to be deployed at a pace previously unattainable. 

Working with University Research & Development centres, such as the ANRC and their Tier 1 industrial members, Bellrock Technology is continuing to deliver impact and change.

The ANRC supports the safe and efficient operation of nuclear facilities through process and technical innovations. Formed in 2015, the ANRC has grown into a vibrant research centre with strong industry support and involving many academics from both Strathclyde and the wider academic community. 

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