Discover the power of Lumen

Discover the power of Lumen

The fast and easy way for your business decision makers to access real-time analytics created by data experts.


Data Science Deployment

We know it can be difficult to deliver predictive analytics. You can build a data science model for future predictions but that alone is not enough.

For a model to be as effective as possible, it must be run on live data and the decision maker must be provided with results. For maximum efficiency, constant improvements should be made based on feedback.

Common Predictive Analytics Challenges

Some common challenges that can occur include:

• Various data formats
• Lack of specialist IT resources
• High integration times and costs
• Limited access to technical infrastructure
• Inability to get useful results to the user
• Not gaining true value from your data

As a data science deployment platform, Lumen can eradicate these challenges.

The Data Science Deployment Platform

Lumen is an AI-based technology that will evolve your data science model into live predictive analytics.

Lumen you can improve your productivity with a range of automation features. This reduces your time to deploy as there is no need to code or develop any additional instructions.

It can even increase the percentage of models that make it into production and deploying these models will generate results instantly.

Run multiple interconnected data models regardless of the language or design approaches that you currently have.

Accelerate your data journey today with a free trial of Lumen

We can show you how easy it is to deliver your models, with your data, to your business. Our team will even provide you and your team with new customer training. As your team grows, we can grow your training too with refresher sessions and tailored training packages.

About Bellrock Technology

Bellrock Technology is an award-winning cloud software company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We work globally with a range of companies, helping them to do more with their data. We can help you use your data to improve vital business decisions quicker than ever before. Predict your future in minutes, not months.

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