A collection of our most frequently asked questions about Lumen.



What is Lumen?

Lumen is a software technology which enables organisations to use the data they produce every day to improve their decisions, in real time and at pace, by giving manageable insights to decision makers. Lumen makes it quicker, easier, and more affordable for companies to introduce decision support and advanced data analytics.

How does Lumen work?

Lumen is an AI-powered data science deployment platform. Lumen uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically build data pipelines, connecting your models to the data they need.

Do I need a Data Lake to run Lumen?

No, Lumen can connect to any data source directly, including on-premise, streaming and web data. Having a Data Lake will simplify the set up of your data connectors but is not a required step for Lumen.

How does Lumen fit into my current IT infrastructure?

Lumen easily fits into all IT infrastructures because of its flexible delivery approach. It can be hosted within your cloud or via SaaS and can connect to your data no matter where it is.

What do I do if I am having an issue with Lumen?

If you are having issues with Lumen, or are experiencing an error, please raise a support ticket at help@bellrock.tech


What kind of models can be hosted on Lumen?

Any data science model can be deployed on Lumen using our onboarding process.

I have a model that I want to deploy, how do I upload it to Lumen?

First you need to prepare your model for deployment, see our embedded documentation centre for more information on preparing an analytic.

Once your model is ready for deployment follow the relevant instructions in your documentation centre.

What programming languages does Lumen support?

Lumen supports a wide range of programming languages including:

  • R
  • Python
  • Java

If you have a Lumen license and would like to deploy models written in a different language please contact us.

Data sources & pipelines

How do I connect data sources to Lumen?

Creating a data-manager for any data-source is simple within Lightkeeper, It is then easy to connect a wide range of data sources to Lumen and we can provide support wherever required.

What type of data can Lumen handle?

Lumen has no limitations on the type of data that can be processed within the platform. Lumen can process the full spectrum of numbers, text and images.

Can Lumen handle both live and batch data?

Lumen easily works with live or batch data, whether you are connecting to a system or uploading a spreadsheet.

Hosting and access

How is Lumen accessed?

Lumen is hosted as a single-tenant web application in the cloud (remote or on-premise) and is accessible through a secure login process in the web browser.

What browsers can Lumen operate on?

Lumen can operate on the following browsers and versions:

  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Chrome

Results and outputs

How do I access the results of my Model in Lumen?

The first route to accessing your model results is within the Lumen platform. Lumen comes equipped with an inbuilt visualisation tool to allow you to easily build results dashboards for your business users.

The second route involves creating a results API and accessing the results in your BI tool of choice.

How do I build applications?

Lumen has a simple drag and drop application builder to allow you to easily create custom dashboards and applications for your users. See our documentation centre section on building apps in Lumen and creating visualisations.

Who can access the applications?

Anyone with a user profile can access both Lumen and the applications your organisation have created. There are a number of user permission options available to manage this effectively within your organisation.

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