Lumen Features

Lumen Features


Lets put your data to work

Improve your productivity

Lumen® has a range of automation features to get you faster results

Deliver faster to users

Shorten the process of delivering valuable insights from months to minutes

Build AI powered apps

Build your data products and generate results for your business users instantly


Lumen® shortens the process of building data products from months to minutes and can reduce costs by an order of magnitude. As a result, you can exploit more of your data faster and with less risk than ever before.


Use live data to take action as or before events happen. Gone are the days of batch-adding data to spreadsheets and going for a coffee while the analytics run. With Lumen®, your live data is automatically fed to your models as soon as it is available to produce the actionable outputs your business needs.


Lumen® has an easy-to-use, no-code method of supplying decision makers with data-driven solutions. Lumen® takes a visual approach to connect your data and analytic modules, reducing the need for knowledge of the programming language the analytic was built in.


Lumen® comes with Two-Factor Authentication and Brute Force Attack protection to ensure a strong and secure login process. IP-based Access Filtering and 256-bit AES encryption means your data is protected at all times.


With Lumen®, you have the flexibility to use your existing data and analytics skills with no need to retrain to use different languages or data formats. Lumen® uses your data in whatever format it is in and connects that data to your models and analytics in whatever language they are built. You can flexibly view your outputs in Lumen® or in your own data visualisation tools.


With Lumen® we take care of scaling your data analysis needs. Our cloud-hosted SaaS technology means you can focus on getting the results you need to your business decision makers while we take care of the technology to support you. We are with you as you scale your data analysis needs from early prototypes to enterprise-wide solutions.

Additional features


Visualisation tooling gives users the tools they need to quickly bring their real-time insights to life.


Pay as you go with fully managed cloud services.

Integrated Documentation

Detailed support and guidance right where users need it.

Role based security

Customise the access each of your users has to ensure data security and model integrity.


Lumen® provides a full audit trail for data inputs, outputs and model versioning so you have 100% auditability and transparency.

A/B Testing

Connect multiple models to your data sources and easily send your results to a comparison tool to identify your best performing models.

Carpenter Additive

Carpenter Additive is a global leader in additive manufacturing. It produces high-quality metal powders used to create industrial components through 3D printing. It also precision-manufactures parts for mission-critical systems, such as NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover.

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