Leadership – the importance of ownership & accountability

Leadership – the importance of ownership & accountability



As we move into a new era in relation to the working environment, it has never been as important to have a real focus on leadership within your business. In any changing environment it is crucial that aspects and traits of leadership are present throughout your business. This will enable you to drive growth, educate, mentor and support staff and most of all have a fantastic positive work culture.


We have all had experiences of good and bad leadership. When it works it is brilliant, with results such as an engaged workforce, positive attitudes, inclusive culture and strong motivation to be part of a successful team.


Clear communication and vision are traits often discussed when we think of good leadership. The ability to articulate the goal and vision of the company to all is imperative in today’s working environment. With hybrid working, clear communication has never been more important in business as it is now with multiple tools to deliver a message. Get this right and you can build success across your teams and organisation.


Great leadership is about identifying the stars of the future and providing them with a platform for building their careers within your organisation. One such programme that delivers this is Inspiring ChangeMakers with Connie Young at the helm, which is ran in conjunction with the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Inspiring Leadership programme.


Bellrock Technology is currently supporting our leaders of the future through James McMinn, Joanna Kucieba, David Bell and others. Our rising stars have vision, ambition, drive and determination to achieve their goals and that of the company.


We are supporting our leaders through the Inspiring ChangeMakers Leadership Programme so they can develop and enhance their skills now and in the future. Leadership is a key attribute required for business of today in a changing economy. At Bellrock Technology we are investing for the future as it will allow us to continue to build on our growth culture and permeate throughout our business.


The results for everyone are evident such as confidence, assurance, focus and the ability to lead a team for success. If the past two years has taught us anything, it will be the need for clear leadership with vision, communication and resilience. Invest in your people, they are the future of your business.


By Dave McConachie, Chief Commercial Officer at Bellrock Technology

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