Bellrock technology announces new deal with EDF energy

Bellrock Technology, the Glasgow-based data analytics technology specialist, has announced details of new work with EDF Energy to improve the monitoring of their UK nuclear reactors.

EDF Energy has subscribed to Bellrock Technology’s ground breaking Lumen® software as a service to deploy, test and use predictive analytics from its research and development partners. This will help ensure safe operations, highlight when inspections are necessary and analyse fully the health and lifetime of any reactor.

Lumen® lets companies take control of the deployment and operation of their research and development programmes without the need for significant in-house systems expenditure and external partner support. It links relevant data to prove concepts and reduce risks early before scaling up new ideas. It has become particularly popular with energy and utility companies where cost effective results are required quickly in sensitive situations that have the potential for wide impact.

Adam Brown, CEO at Bellrock Technology, said:

‘Organisations need to deliver data science results at pace and with agility. If a company can move rapidly, it can capitalise on these new advances. If not, research and development efforts can stall and investment is wasted. Organisations need to prove concepts quickly, cost effectively and create value for end-users.

‘EDF Energy knows their data and wants to exploit it fully, quickly and cost effectively. Lumen® will help turn research and data into live analytics to ensure their innovations and investments always deliver real value and great benefit to their customers. It is a new way for their engineers to access cutting-edge decision support software from specialist developers.

‘Data is a powerful business asset, yet it is still significantly misused. While our background and experience to date is mostly in energy, the challenges we tackle are common across many industries. Better operational decisions are demanded in the face of rising costs. There is a need to quickly interpret live data from equipment and operations. We work to ensure its use is maximised and delivers great future value whilst significantly reducing traditional costs’.

Bellrock Technology was co-founded by Chief Executive Adam Brown and Chief Technical Officer Professor Stephen McArthur in Glasgow in 2012. It is a spin out from the University of Strathclyde’s Institute for Energy and Environment. The company’s proprietary technology was developed from world-leading research led by Professor Stephen McArthur at the University of Strathclyde in the Institute for Energy and Environment.

Bellrock Technology also works with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to predict faults on network lines. This is improving resource efficiency and helping to maintain excellent customer service, particularly during winter storms.

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