Bellrock technology announces major extension EDF energy

Bellrock Technology, the Glasgow-based data analytics specialist, will announce a major extension of its work with EDF Energy at the Euro TechCon conference in Glasgow on Monday 13th November.

Bellrock Technology already works in close partnership with EDF Energy to improve the monitoring of its UK nuclear reactors. Through its ground breaking Lumen® software as a service product it has been testing and deploying predictive analytics, helping to ensure safe operations, highlighting when inspections are necessary and analysing the health and lifetime of any reactor.

The company has been further engaged to enhance the monitoring of critical electrical equipment across EDF Energy’s generation sites. Lumen® is being employed to assess the health of equipment at all times, initially focusing on transformers with scope to extend to wider equipment such as generators, switchgear and cables.

Adam Brown, CEO at Bellrock Technology, said:

“Lumen® lets companies deploy their research and development programmes without the need for significant in-house systems expenditure and over-reliance on third-party suppliers.  It helps to prove concepts and reduce risks early before scaling up new ideas. It has become particularly popular with energy and utility companies where cost effective results are required quickly in sensitive situations that have the potential for wide impact.

“This new programme of work with the Electrical Systems Team at EDF Energy is illustrating Lumen’s ability to scale across application areas. It is establishing a long-term partnership to support the team’s changing condition monitoring requirements as EDF Energy’s existing power stations approach the end of their working lives and its new station at Hinkley Point C is built”.

Martin Kearns, Chief Electrical Engineer at EDF Energy said:

“Lumen® will change the way we approach our condition monitoring in the future. We are just scratching the surface of what options are available and how far we can go with this new technology. The way we can use a number of analytics to work with various data streams from various sources is inventive and will be the way forward to monitor both transformers and other areas of plant items at a high level of effectiveness.

“The product speaks for itself. It is easy to view and decisions on asset health can be made on a much more robust, simpler, quicker and more efficient basis”.

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