Bellrock Technology shortlisted for “Excellence in Technology and Innovation” through the Scottish Transport Awards.

Written by Lesley Mc Kee.

Bellrock Technology is honoured to be shortlisted for the “Excellence in Technology and Innovation” award through the Scottish Transport Awards which will take place this Thursday, 20th June evening.

We entered the competition in conjunction with our customer Angel Trains. Angel Trains is one of Britain’s leading train asset management companies. It owns 30% of the UK’s passenger rolling stock and has invested over £5 billion in new trains. The company has been at the forefront of excellence in the UK rail industry since 1994 and is committed to investment in innovative technology that drives industry advances and transforms passenger experience.

Over the past three years, Our project with Angel Trains has seen us implement Lumen® to analyse live asset data for day-to-day fleet monitoring. This has seen the platform used to gather and combine data from multiple, diverse sources representing key train components, such as doors and engines, in real-time.

With Lumen® in place, the company has begun to investigate and understand assets’ behaviour and to create advanced data analytics that report issues early and identify areas for improvement. These insights will be used to make more accurate assessments of assets’ condition and to use these to make proactive decisions when required.

Lumen® is empowering Angel Trains’ drive to continually improve its performance to meet customer and passenger needs. The AI-capabilities of the Lumen® platform mean that Angel Trains’ engineers equipment experts can focus on understanding their data, whilst Lumen® handles the deployment of analytics and delivery of meaningful insights.

Angel Trains is also exploring how these insights could be shared with rail operators in order to foster a collaborative approach between customers and suppliers, and ultimately improve performance across the UK’s passenger network.

Lumen® has enabled Angel Trains to move quickly and efficiently to investigate how data can meaningfully impact its business. Its adoption of the technology has meant that proof of concept projects can be delivered to business users for testing and evaluation without the need for a dedicated software engineering team. This has allowed the business to keep costs to a minimum whilst exploring how data can benefit its operations across several asset lines.

Our collaboration will enable Angel Trains to take a condition-based view to maintenance and the management of its assets. The organisation is currently assessing how this could best impact working practices to improve reliability, operational efficiency and ultimately customer satisfaction. Angel Trains is also investigating how these insights can be shared with operators with a view to enhancing improving performance across the UKs passenger network.

“Bellrock Technology’s work has been transformational for Angel Trains, enabling us to better understand our assets and make informed decisions using this data. We never thought we could perform in-house data insights, but now, thanks to Bellrock Technology, we can code and assess our assets ourselves”.

Graham Dutton, Product Technology Manager

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